Raspberry Pi Zero Video Monitor


Raspberry Pi Zero Headless Setup:

  1. Install the operating system Raspbian:
    Download the image RASPBIAN JESSIE LITE, and write the image to the SD card following the online instruction.

  2. Conifgure SSH access via USB:
    Modify config.txt and cmdline.txt respectively in the /boot/ dicrectory based on this guide. Note, SSH is disabled on the lastest Raspbian by default as stated in this security update. To enable SSH, we have to create a file named as ssh in the /boot/ directory.

  3. SSH to Raspberry Pi Zero
    Insert the SD card to Raspberry Pi Zero and connect it to your PC or laptop via the the USB cable. Note, the micro USB side must to be connected with the data port (not power port) of Raspberry Pi Zero. Type ssh pi@raspberrypi.local in your terminal to SSH to Raspberry Pi Zero, the default password is raspberry.

  4. Configure the WIFI
    Basically, /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf have to be modified. You can follow this article to finish the configuration.

Raspberry Pi Zero Camera Setup:

  1. Enable the connection to the Raspberry Pi camera
    sudo raspi-conf, go to interfacing options, and enable the camera. Reboot the Raspberry Pi Zero. Install the python package picamera and type the command raspistill -o image.jpg to make sure everything works well.

  2. Intsall RPi-Cam-Web-Interface
    Follow the official document to install the package which provides a convenient web interface to manage and configure Pi camera. It also supports motion detection.

Done. Enjoy!


Kun Liu
Data Scientist
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